Multi Problems

by Rick

1st part of my story; in 1974 while in the military boot camp I got shin splints and had feet problems. Then on 1974 the main tank gun knocked me off the tank and put me in the naval hospital for 2 weeks as I had severe Epididymitis.

Then shortly after I had severe feet and ankle problems, Neck pain and a lot mid and of lower back problems for 40yrs.

Now I am told i have prolifererative bony changes scattered the length of my spine and mild disc spacing at L5 - S1 with endplate sclerosis and subchondral sclersis of the facet joints L4-5.

My question is what did the hard fall onto a cement tank pad do to me? as the fall was bad and i landed on my feet very hard. I have had constant knee and bilateral feet pain and severe back pain for years and no one ever asked about my medical history and even now no one has figured out what's wrong with me until i asked for a new foot doctor and he said falls do something to the back and create feet problems.

They just did Xrays and found the above, I am scheduled for an MRI, But again what happen to me? when i was knocked off the tank and in the naval hospital for Epididymitis and no one ever checked for other injuries.

Any help or explanation to what happen to my spine, feet, knee from that injury would help me understand what happen to me as I am a disabled veteran who has suffered many years! Thanks Rick.

Hello Rick,
I think you've already told me the answer. That fall obviously injured a great deal more than the crown jewels. Your feet, hip, spine... but other things have almost certainly happened along the way too. A couple car accidents thrown in... so to pinpoint at this stage what the effect of that initial injury is, is impossible to assess.

In any case, is it actually important? Most of us have a long history of this and that. What's important it to get it treated, and get better. You won't be cured, not with pills, surgery or chiropractic. You have a chronic condition, like diabetes for example that needs treatment and maintenance.

I would be very surprised, not having examined you, or seen the xrays remember, if you weren't say 50 percent better at least after a course of chiropractic treatment. Would you be satisfied with having to live with half the pain of the last few years?

Start looking for a thorough experienced chiropractor who is prepared to struggle through this with you; chronic pain patients are hard on the doctor too, and some aren't willing to go the extra mile with you.

Don't expect miracles, and ask for exercises if none are forthcoming; you may just be very pleasantly surprised. Take your xrays and scans with you.

Not all chiropractors work with feet, so ask first. Don't just settle for a very expensive pair of orthotics for your shoes. Someone who will work at, and adjust your feet.

I'm sure there's someone around your corner able to help.

Dr B

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