Ms ruled out. Mom has ms. Diagnosed migraine with aura

by billy
(illinois U.S.)

I have frequent migraines. Always on left side of head. I get neck pain on left side and it shoots down into left hand. Pain on left and right side of back. Shoots into feet.

At times I have a hard time walking. Also have digestive issues. 25 year old male.

Doctor ruled out stroke ms diabetes. Says migraines with aura due to bad posture and maybe multiple pinched netves. I get anxiety attacks. Worse after work. I do heavy lifting. Just worried it is worse. At times I get electricity feeling.

Hello Billy,
The first I always ask of migraine sufferes is whether you also have jaw joint popping, clicking or pain.

The second is whether the temporalis muscle on the side of the skull is actually tender and, if you press on it, does it radiate away from the site of pressure?

Because the sensory nerve of the jaw joint muscle lies in the upper neck there is almost always concommitent neck pain.

Migraine is a tough nut because there are many causes. I recommend you start hunting for a chiropractor who specialises in the jaw joint.

Dr B

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