Mr Peter Markie

by Peter Markie
(Bangkok Thailand.)

Dear Sir/madam,

My name is Peter and I suffered an army boxing brain injury in 1990 and developed cervical dystonia in 1995 ((spasmodic torticollis)) My torticollis because of it, is a constant pulling that has caused me great jaw tension and strong constant spasms and difficulty talking. I have seen a neuromuscular dentist in London and the hope is that I will be fitted with an orthotic brace to correct my bite and jaw posture. I would just like to ask you if it is possible to get any long term benefit from this. My jaw tension has slowly crept in over the past couple of years but was not much of a problem until recently; I am hoping it will help quite substantially because it helps reduce spasticity in neck muscles also. Any suggestions or feedback you can give me would be very very much appreciated and just need some reassurance that it can be healed. Thank you very much for your time and consideration, kindest regards,

Hello Peter,
Yes, a bite plate might help substantially. I have only treated one person in thirty five years with a similar condition, so I'm no authority. But that person received considerable reflief from a monthly treatment of the neck and jaw; there was alas no cure.

See if you can find an experienced chiropractor whilst you are in England.

Dr B

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