Mortons neuroma

by Themi
(South Africa)

I ran 2 Comarades' marathons. I now have a Morton's neuroma. The pain is excruciating if I walk a long distance or even if I'm on my feet for too long. This doesn't help too much as I am an educationalist and on my feet the whole day. It is very restricting as I cannot run.

Hello Themi,
Yes, it can be a debilitating condition but usually it responds to chiropractic care of the feet; it's usually caused by a fixation of the one of the bones in the midfoot, probably the medial cuneiform.

Start looking for chiropractor with a FICS post graduate qualification in your area. Email the chiropractic association of South Africa; if you can't find anyone, contact me with your location.

Dr B

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