month now of it :O

by Ladine
(Vancouver island BC)

All did too was lifted some planters round the yard mind you they contained wet soil so that didnt help for weight; next morn woke up in severe pain and the pain went on and on would wake me up.., me wander round in agony all hr of the night ~ pain 8-10..,aleve and LaKota didnt phase it this went on another day and night so went to the clinic 3rd day diagnosed with a sprained shoulder and given naproxum which didnt help soo much saw reg doc who perscribed a t3 figuring its frozen shoulder had a xray so bones are ok thats good then pain 6 -8 which helped but caused bunging up errr anyways got off that and getting used to it going on a month now and receiving a ultra sound in 3 wks. "Annoying how the pain can range from back to the neck/shoulder fore arm and today where the elbow bends. At first described like a vice grip tightening then other times..,feels like someone twisting your arm and pounding it and then today like a 100 lb weight dropped on it and dragging it around". .."remembering now could have been triggered from old injury ~ falling backwards down some stairs a few yrs ago and recall that arm aching and a lump develeped hasnt went way since..,but theres worse things in life so dealing with it and just taking aleve and voltaren its kicked in and so bearable now." :)

Interesting question, Ladine, which demands an answer but I'm not willing to correct you smartphone grammar; write in English and I'll happily answer. Including the title.

Dr B

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