Masseter Muscle Pain

by Vic
(Dallas, TEXAS)

I fell off my bike about 3 weeks ago. Landing or catching myself with my right hand. It didn't seem that serious.

A couple days later, my neck was stiff, later hurting in spots. After a few Massages later, my neck area was OK, but pains began on the side of my right ear. A very nagging dull pain. I would relieve the pain by massaging the Masseter Muscle. I looked up on the net how to massage the Masseter. Now the Pain is there every day. Have I over done it with Massage? I have pain there all the time. Do I leave it alone and just take pain medication until it heals?
It seems the more I massage it, the more painful it gets.

Hello Vic,
Tell me more exactly please what you meant by "pains began on the side of my right ear."

Place your index fingers inside your ears, with the pulp facing forwards. Slowly open your mouth. Is there a click or pop and do they seem to open together? Is it tender on the right?

I take it you didn't actually bump your head on the ground.

Let me know.

Dr B

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