Masseter muscle pain years post wisdom teeth extraction

by Gary
(Victoria Australia)

Masseter muscle pain especially after eating, but it is a constant pain mainly in the left masseter muscle right side not as bad. There also seems to be knots in each masseter muscle; what could this possibly be?

Hello Gary,
Was the procedure done under a general anaesthetic? How long ago? Ah, years? Getting better or worse, or just the same?

Are there any clicks or pops in the jaw joint? If you place your fingers on them, just in front of the tragus of the ear and you open and close, do they seem symmetrical and any unusual jerks in the joint?

Press your index finger into the pterygoid pocket, google how to find it, with the pulp outwards; is it particularly tender?

Ask someone to sit in front of you and slowly open your mouth, pull the lips back to expose the teeth; does the lower jaw follow a smooth and symmetical trajectory?

Dr B

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