leg pain from knee to ankle

by Clay


» Leg pain from knee down

I've sprained my ankle 3 times; the first time I was 16 skate boarding, the next time I jumped out of a 7 ton in Iraq and landed on a rock spraining my ankle. I went to medical; they said to take motrin and drink water the next day. I stepped on a small rock wrong and my ankle twisted and it hurt so bad I hit the ground and my rifle hit me in the head I went back to medical they took x-rays and said it wasn't broken they gave me crutches to use; I woke up the next day and my ankle was extremely swollen and I had black and green and purple bruising from the bottom of my foot to my knee.

After about 2 months I was able to walk again; a couple years later it started hurting when I would try to sleep; moving around during the day it was fine. I take pain pills to sleep most of the time. I was just wondering if there is something serious wrong.

Hello Clay,
Of course there's something seriously wrong; not cancer, just bad enough to make you take pills daily. That in my book is serious. All medication taken for a long period has side effects, often nasty.

When you sprain your ankle, four things relatively commonly occur.
1. Tear ligaments.
2. Pull muscles.
3. Subluxate bones in the ankle, usually the mortise or subtalar joints.
4. Fracture something.

If you leave it, it simply becomes arthritic and increasingly difficult.

Time to see either a chiropractor who specialises in sports injuries; look for a DC with a FICS qualification. Or, an orthopaedic doctor; your choice.

Dr B


» Leg pain from knee to ankle

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