left jaw joint

Left jaw joint

I would randomly get a tightened jaw in the mornings and wouldn't be able to open my mouth; but then it went away after a while. I recently went to a steak house, and started to feel that pain again and tried to ignore it and continued eating. I now have trouble clenching my teeth on the left side of my jaw. The pain only worsens every time I eat, what is the fastest way to alleviate pain? Thank you. Please help.

Hello Omar,
It sounds like you have an injury to the meniscus in your temporo mandibular joint. TMJ. Use the site search function at Chiropractic Help to find out more about the TMJ anatomy, and what to do about this problem.

There are TMJ exercises you could start doing, but I would suggest you look for someone experienced in treating the TMJ.

Dr B

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