Knee, hip, back, shoulder pain from ankle sprain

by Jovanni
(Easton, PA)

I'm 17 and my right knee, hip, back, and shoulder, are messed up.

I injured my ankle during a high school football game and was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain on my right ankle. I couldn't walk for like 5 days but after that I started hobbling. I used the boot for 2 days and tried to get back to walking as fast as possible. This was a rushed injury because I didn't want to lose my starting spot.

I rushed through therapy and I thought everything was going to be ok; turns out I was wrong. In the last year I have felt really bad hip and back pain on my right side. It started with my right knee and I couldn't stretch the way I used to. It then moved up to the hip, then my shoulder, then my neck. I feel like my center of gravity is messed up. I can't lift heavy weight in the gym because my shoulder gets displaced. I can't squat because my hip and knees hurt.

This has really been irritating me because I can't lift and I feel everything on my right side of my body is messed up. I tried a month of therapy, and it worked a little and I'm still doing some exercises. I just don't feel the same as I did. I'm 17 and I want to lift and get in shape but I can't because my whole right side of my body is messed up. Can someone please help me?

Hello Jovanni,
That altered gait from the ankle injury has had a knock on effect all the way up the kinetic chain, and a fixation in one of the joints in the lower leg is still probably the underlying cause.

Learn one thing from this; get properly better first after an injury, otherwise it may be with you for life. "Rush and hurry are not of the Devil," said Carl Jung, the famous psychologist. "They are the very devil."

I have no easy solution for this; certainly I'd stay away from lifting for the present. Swimming may be the way forward since your ankle won't hold you back.
Start hunting for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; that's a post graduate sports qualification. Phone your state association.

Good luck; let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Knee, hip, back, shoulder pain from ankle sprain

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