Kind of unsure.

by Melanie
(Universal City, Tx. )

> > Kind of unsure.

Hello, I know it's a tailbone or coccyx injury, but I don't know of which variety. You see this pain and injury have honestly come from no where.
But just the same I'm in horrendous pain and when I ask for a ride to the doctor or hospital all I get is "it's not that bad, get over it.".

I have a very large reddish bruise on my lower back and the entire area is swollen and now producing heat. I know I need to see a health care provider. But what can I do in the mean time, this pain is horrible, it's to the point of making me nauseous.

It doesn't sound like this came from nowhere, Melanie. A large red bruise is a sign, rather than a symptom; something than can be seen rather than felt.

Really, no fall? Sorry to be rude, but not drunk and disorderly? Have you been hit by someone?

You need help. Get some professional medical attention. Soon. In the meantime, use an icepack in a facecloth for pain control.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Sep 21, 2014
I got help.
by: Melanie

I can't remember a fall, but its possible I suppose. The kids and I do rough house a lot. I went to my doctor today, She says its a minor fracture and some sort of cyst. Thank you for your help.

A fracture without trauma doesn't make a lot of sense, Melanie. If this doesn't improve, don't leave it. Ask for a specialist opinion.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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