Jaw problems

by Willemien
(South-Africa Gauteng)

I have a huge overbite and my lower jaw needs to be extended so I need to go for a jaw operation ASAP because it is giving me endless problems; I struggle everyday, I cannot eat or sleep or even yawn. I have a referral letter but I don't have a medical aid. How do I go about it?

Hello Willemien,
I always recommend trying the conservative route before going for major surgery; and this is a BIG operation.

Also, your overbite may be what we call an incidental finding; present, but not the cause of your problems.

Start with our TMJ exercises for a few weeks; use the search function at Chiropractic Help to find them.

Then contact your local Gauteng chiropractic association for help in locating someone who works with jaw joint problems.

Good luck; I hope this contributes.

Dr B

PS I'm having difficulty locating the chairperson of Gauteng chiropractic association myself. Try going to Chiropractic.co.za and using the contact tab ask them.

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