Jaw Pain

by Helenna
(Houston, TX)

I got hit in the jaw about 6 hours ago and ever since it has felt unusual. My bite feels misaligned although I'm not in a significant amount of pain. It hurts to clench teeth to the point that it isn't possible. It also hurts to open my mouth all the way and almost seems to move diagonally when I do. However, I can speak just fine and it hardly hurts at all when my jaw is relaxed. It just throbs a little. Is this something I should be concerned about or will it heal soon?

Hello Helenna,
Sorry to hear about the assault; lay charges if it's appropriate.

I'm not sure; the body is amazingly resilient and with a bit of common sense often these things will settle down.

The throbbing suggests there is swelling, and it's sounds as though it's in the joint. Use some alternating ice and heat over your jaw for a couple days. Don't open your mouth too wide.

What you don't want is for this to become the beginning of a chronic jaw joint problem. You might do a few gentle exercises which you can find at Chiropractic help using the search function.

Finding someone experienced in jaw joint injuries may be difficult; shop around. Not all chiropractors work with TMJs.

Give it a few days, and let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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