jaw joint exercises

by gingin
(northern ca.)

first exercise - not sure if doing it correctly, however feels very relaxing; almost like an acupuncture point.

However, since I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly, I hesitate to use my other hand to apply gentle pressure, which I did, but very gingerly. Is it possible to have a diagram that would be terrific!

I have had a ton of dental work, and wear night guard, but still grind. No pain, but popping and clicking.

I was married to a chiropractor, unfortunately no longer am.

Thank you very much! I so appreciate it; and your precious time.


Hello Gingin,
Sorry about the marriage; we're an ornery lot, just ask she who must be obeyed in my own family! You can read about her and our own somewhat stormy relationship at Bernard-Preston.com. Only if you're very bored!

I'll do my best to get a photos of the position; glad that it's helping.

No one seems to be quite sure what is the cause of grinding; bruxism as it's called. Don't get anxious about it, that will only make it worse, but do wear your guard at night.

Dr B

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