Is jaw surgery painful?

by KLP

If you do all the exercises how long does it take to get the jaw back to the normal position?

What if the jaw never goes back to normal?

If you need surgery is it painful?

Hello KLP,
I can't promise you the jaw exercises on their own will ever get your TMJ back to normal; they are an adjunct to treatment, but some folk are lucky and on their own they fix the problem.

It depends on one's philosophy of health and life; sometimes after serious injury things will never be "normal" and the wise person accepts some difficulties. The question is how much, and for how long.

It also depends on your age; in your twenties you don't want to have life long pain from an untreated jaw joint. But in your eighties, you might accept it.

Personally I would only go for surgery after trying EVERYTHING else. It's done so rarely and is a highly risky business.

A bite plate helps some folk.

Good luck,

Dr B

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