Is it my jaw?

by Lucy

It feels like I can't move my jaw for a week now; it feels very stiff. Also have a sore neck and arm and its distressing. Help, I'm also a teen.

Hello Lucy,
Firstly, I presume you have discussed this with your parents; if not, that's the place to start.

Assuming you've not had an injury, then the first thing to think about is wisdom teeth, or even mumps; do you feel sick? Are you running a temperature?

It's unusual to have jaw, neck and arm pain together in your age group; the next step is a careful and thorough history of these pains. When they started, what may have been the cause, does anything increase or decrease the discomfort, and so on?

And then a full examination; are the lymph nodes swollen, is the range of motion of your neck and jaw joints reduced, are there any clicking sounds? It's complex and needs to be carefully done.

Start with your doctor, or perhaps dentist; if they can't find anything then you might ask your parents to start looking for a chiropractor who also specialises in the jaw joint.

I hope this helps.

Dr B

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