Increasing pain in the ankle

by Sophie
(Swanage, Dorset, United Kingdom )

I have had escalating pain in my ankle for over a month now; I slightly twisted it going down some garden steps, but it didn't hurt at all; in fact I hardly noticed anything. A couple of days later I spent the day up and down a ladder loading things up into a loft. That night I had a pain in my ankle which kept me awake, but was gone the next morning,
I then had a day travelling, and was completely fine, then a couple of days later I went on a long walk, and felt nothing, but that night had pain again. The next morning I was a bit sore and limped for a while, then it seemed to loosen up as the day went on. Walking my dog in the evening the pain started coming on again, & I had to turn back. That night I woke myself and my husband yelling with pain. This has been happening every night since. I have virtually no swelling.

I haven't slept normally for over a month.

I have been to the doctor twice. She said it is my achilles tendon, and prescribed heat, ice, & naproxen, which didn't work. I've been back, & have now been prescribed co-damol, and am waiting to be referred to a physiotherapist. The pain was so bad last night that I couldn't walk across the room. If I squeeze my ankle above the protruding bone there is pain.

I feel desperate as I'm hobbling about, and can't do anything.

Hello Sophie,
What's needed is a thorough assessment by someone who works regularly with ankles. That physiotherapist would be a good start.

If your feeling is that neither your doctor, nor the physiotherapist have enough experience is this domain, then you yourself have to start looking for someone. A chiropractor with a FICS qualification would be one possibility; that's a postgraduate sports injury qualification.

Meantime start our ankle exercises.

I know this is a bit vague; there really are many possibilities; a subluxated ankle mortise joint would be one of my considerations.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Increasing pain in the ankle

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