I think I may have Tietzes syndrome how do I tell my Dr.

by Big Mike

My symptoms started ten yrs ago after a car accident, I have had 5 ekg's because when a big man goe's to the E.R. with left chest pain thats what they automaticly do. I have had a rotator cuff surgery and 13 bone spurs removed. Zero effect was seen. Sharp ripping pain in my left pec right where the photo says the joint is. On pain meds and Ice for flare ups but I would give alot for a cure.

Hello Big Mike,
If removing the 13 bone spurs had no effect, then the pain wasn't coming from the spurs. That was what we call and "incidental finding." True you had bone spurs, but irrelevant.

Frankly I wouldn't tell your doctor. You've been telling him/her for ten years, and they still haven't got it figured.

But, and it's a big but, not every chiropractor will have heard of Tietzes syndrome either, and the treatment is very specific. Heavy manipulation in the mid back will aggravate the condition.

Start doing your homework: ask friends and family, your doctor, for the name of a reputable chiropractor. Phone and ask if s/he has ever heard of Tietzes syndrome.

Just big, or big because you are seriously overweight? Do something, because something will get you, pain in the knees or feet, BP, diabetes, too ghastly to contemplate.

Take a good long look at our Healthy Living Tips page.

Good luck,

Dr B

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