I have TMJ

by Tiara Cafferty

Hi, is it very nice to talk to a professional. I have had all of these symptoms. I went to a TMJ specialist and we went through a big process of fixing my jaw. I have been wearing a TMJ splint for 4 months, and my jaw is completely fixed. Although, the other side of my jaw has been popping. It doesn't hurt it just keeps popping. so we moved my jaw a little further forward and after 3 weeks, it stopped popping and I was completely back to normal! What helped was having me sit a little further up when I go to bed. Then I went to my friend's house for a week and I had to sleep on the ground I wasn't really thinking and I went to bed with my head on a small pillow and when I woke up my jaw started popping. It was the side that didn't hurt. Then I went to my orthodontics and my head far back and when I got up my jaw didn't pop but only for a minute. My whole point is, should I sleep with my head more up or down to help stop my popping?

Hello Tiara,
You also have to consider the rest of your body. Sleeping too high, or low, is likely to affect your neck.

I don't believe there's a right or wrong answer to your question, just what works for you.

I suspect your jaw joint is going to continue popping periodically whatever you do. A yawn, bite an apple and it's likely to start again.

The point is, if it's not painful, you can be well pleased; don't get too excited about the odd pop.

Dr B

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