I have just been diagnosed with a frozen shoulder

by Nick
(Melbourne Australia )

Hi there, my name is nick. I got assaulted pretty badly 4 weeks ago; they smashed my shoulder around; my physio diagnosed it as a frozen shoulder.

But my problem is this; I have had a month off work; now went back on Monday. Tried to work after 2 hours shoulder went backwards and know is cracking every 40 mins; in real pain. So what do u suggest; how long would I be off work.

And my physio has told me I need 20 appointments; let me know what I can do. They did give me excises but my shoulder is in pain at like a ten; what do I do.

It depends on what your work is, Nick.

If it's a whole month and still not responding despite treatment, I'd recommend an ultrasound scan to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Keep doing the exercises, but at that level of pain they shouldn't cause any immediate sharp pain. Be gentle. Complete immobility will only worsen it.

I wonder if an orthopaedic opinion isn't indicated.

Dr B

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