I have a bone spur quite large extending under heel and to the upper back side of the heel

What can be done about it, it causes me to walk with a limp due to the pain of normal standing and walking. The podiatrist says it will need and operation to remove it, do you have any other info of taking care of bone spurs other than surgery. Thank you,

Hello Verna,

Thank you for your interesting question. There is no joint at this point of the heel, so there's a fair chance that the spur itself is not causing the pain.
Obviously this is a shot in the dark, not being able to examine your lower leg, but I suspect you have a shortened and probably painful achilles tendon. Squeeze the tendon. Is it more tender that its brother. The fact that it hurts whilst standing confirms this in my mind. ie at rest.

I'd start by stretching the tendon and calf muscles (see: https://www.chiropractic-help.com/Ankle-Exercises.html)

Then, with you lying on your tum, ask your podiatrist to flex your knee to about 30* with your foot on his/her chest. Using fairly deep pressure, stretch the tendon, and run the thumbs (with oil) down the sides of the tendon, and right up the calf. May be very painful, and if you have veins to be gentle.

What I can't assess is whether you have a mortice or subtalar fixation. Highly likely, and that needs a specific manipulation.

I'd love a copy of that Xray. Could you take a digi of the Xray, and post it here as an image?

I hope this has contributed.


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