Hyper pronation of the feet

by Gill
(U.K. )

I have this condition and have lots of pain when I weight bare more in right foot than left. Have been struggling for 5 years and think I need a stent in ankle to correct gait? Called Hypercure I think? Have on going chiro but not enough. Have orthotics but not enough. Have a very stiff neck since early 30's . Have had trouble with knees ant IT band, have lower back pain and back now aches when I stand. Am now 54years old. Getting desperate!! Please can you advise/ help?

Hello Gill,
Yes, a misery I can see. May I ask some questions?

Have you had any significant injuries to the lower back, neck, knees or ankles? Car accidents, down the stairs, sports or other that could have provoked all this?

Does your chiropractor treat your feet, or only your back and neck?

Do you have a significantly short leg? Ask a friend to stand behind you with their hands on the iliac crests (google it); is there an obvious unleveling?

Is your weight reasonable?

Are you doing simple exercises for your neck, lower back, knees and ankles on a daily basis?

Is your diet reasonably sensible?

Anything else you haven't mentioned?

Dr B

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