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So much of what has been written is dead on with my own story. Still in the middle of acute /chronic pain, with CT scan today. PCP loss as she is with most everything, sad. How do I contact this doc for care. Willing to travel, will do most anything to not wake up to this daily and have to muster up the strength to act like I'm fine, and carry on.

I'm a semi retired builder who does custom remodeling for friends and family, and hate to complain about pain every day. I have had major surgery on my lower back with hardware, both knees scoped twice, neck could use the same surgery i had on my lower back. (Best thing I ever did). Have no right rotator cuff remaining. NONE. Now I have developed this and been fighting it for over 2 months. Has only gotten worse, and gotten a lot of blank stares and told nothing is wrong. C san is to rule out major organ issues, as I'm on hear meds for A fib, Lipator, blood test all looked fine. Will C scan show torn rib muscles, or anything related? How can I contact this doc?

Hello Rick,
You're going to have travel a long way! I practise in a backwater in South Africa; and there's no need in any case.

Ask your chiropractor to contact me at this site and I'm more than happy to liaise with him or her. This is very treatable, though probably not curable; fixed so that it goes away completely.

One big factor to take seriously: a heavy adjustment in the midback will make it much worse.

Rereading your letter, one thing strikes me: the amount of medical treatment you have needed, and still need; there's something about your lifestyle that's seriously not good. Start by reading our newsletter #47 at the bottom of any Chiropractic Help page.

I look forward to hearing from your DC.

Dr B

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