hip sorenes and severe pulling and into the mid lower back

had seen chiropractor twice this week the night after the first visit had numbnrss in neck he had also adjusted the neck and upper spine and chest area. the next day went back and told him he did stimulation and heat on area and didnt touch neck again but now two days later have been feeling weak and woosey type feeling and neck and whole back seems very very sore and a heare and there pain more concerned about the headache feeling im having feels like a pressure headache it comes and goes. he figured its a flareup from the degenerative disc in my neck . should i worry is this normal to feel had pressure headaches in tj=he past but only when triggered from straining like shoveling snow etc. but this feels somewhat different more woosey feeling hes on vacation now cant call him

Sorry, but won't you write this is on a computer in normal English please. If you were from Pakistan I'd have no difficulty, but I think you're not. Google downgrades sites that have material like this.

Dr B

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