HELP, 3 months pregnant and awful coccyx pain

I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant & I have the worst pain. I'm not sure if the injury came from my previous job (CNA) or from one time that my husband 'accidentally' dropped me on my a** one day outside. I am now working at a call center and I cannot sit for long! A coworker said my sacrum needs to be released (she went to school for massage therapy, never certified). I've tried youtube DIY relief but see none. My mom ordered me a pillow but who knows when it will arive or if it will help.

Once I even felt my hip/sacrum/butt bone area popping as I walked; it hurt. Sometimes it hurts to walk, sometimes to sit or just even standing and laying down.. there's no position that's comfortable that's not awkward due to my pregnancy; any suggestions? Maybe seeing a chiropractor. I have an appointment with my doc in 3 days I'll ask her as well; thanks.

Hello Sarah,
Whatever the cause, you have pain in a very awkward area. If it's coccydnia, then the cushion your mother has ordered - probably a donut - will certainly help. Meantime make your own as seen in our coccyx page at chiropractic Help.

A fall like that can injure all sorts; a fractured coccyx or sacrum needs to be considered.

Secondly it can affect both the coccygeal sacrum joint, and the sacroiliac joints.

The first step is to have an examination by an experienced and thorough chiropractor; only reluctantly will xrays be ordered, because of your condition.

Meantime, don't sit back on the coccyx, ice the area, make yourself a simple ring until the real thing arrives.

Start the sacroiliac joint exercises at chiropractic help; use the search function to find them.

Be sensible; the whole area is sensitive and vulnerable. You can now easily slip a disc. So no heavy lifting, nor use of the vacuum cleaner, or lots of bending.

Good luck, let me know how you get on in a month or so.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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