Heel pain after a sprained ankle

by Maureen
(Cambridge england)

» Heel pain after a sprained ankle

I had an ankle sprain six months ago.
A grade 2 plus.

I had x rays at the time which showed nothing broken.
I can walk about 5 km reasonably comfortably but if I try to jog or do squat jumps I feel pain right through my heel into my foot
Will I ever run again or be able to do any weight bearing exercise again?

Hello Maureen,
It's a common complaint you have; at the heart of it is that not only ligaments are sprained when you turn your ankle.

I'm speculating obviously, not able to examine you, but most likely you at the same moment you also subluxated the subtalar, or some other joint in the ankle or foot. Usually it's not difficult to reduce it, but if it's been six months then the pain won't stop in five minutes. You will have to go through some rehab.

Sometimes fractures are missed in the ankle; the overlapping bones make small fractures difficult to visualise. A CT scan may be called for.

But first look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; a sports injury diploma.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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