Head & jaw motions spiking a sciatica?

by April
(Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

Is it understandable that sciatica could sharpen when simply opening my mouth wide as in taking a big bite, or tilting my head back to a certain degree, as well sometimes when I turn my head to the side??

My pain is experienced on my left side only, and intensifies when turning my head to the right. The pain runs from my upper buttock, deep in the glute muscle, under my 'seat' bone where I can never sit down directly, then just tingles down my thigh. When I do one of the above mentioned neck or jaw movements, the pain sharpens close to my tailbone; have stabbing pain when I do stand up and "walk it out" or at least try to.

What nerve or group of nerves in my body is this caused from? I wonder if I can find a relationship between my neck and jaw motions and my spinal column jerking on my sciatic nerve, hoping to justify the pain that has been consistently increasing as sciatica or maybe it's 'pseudo sciatica.'

Hello April,
I can think of no obvious connection between opening your mouth, and pain down your leg.

Flexing the head onto the chest can certainly do that; it's called Lindner's sign.

But extending the head? My only thought is a possible cervical stenosis impinging directly on the spinal cord.

What's needed is a careful and thorough examination. Part of that should be of the coccyx.

Dr B

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Oct 25, 2017
by: Mapaull

Same thing happens to me when opening jaw wide to eat. I was told it is thought to be like a power spike in the nerve that intensified the existing pain.

Hello Mapauli,
There are bizarre things that happen in the body. Neurologically the jaw joint and sciatic nerve are poles apart.

I'm not sure; what's needed is a thorough examination.

Dr B

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