Hard lump on right collarbone

I have had a bump on my right collarbone for about 2 weeks. No trauma or injury but I am a workout fanatic. There was no pain whatsoever or any symptoms until I did squats 2 days ago and could not really bear weight on my right shoulder.

It felt like nerve pain with some numbness and tingling all down my arm/hand. I have been resting but my shoulder aches now. I have been icing and some heat and taking Aleve for discomfort in my shoulder.

I have a separate pain on the middle of my spine when I bend backwards; about 6 days now. Feels like spine may snap if I bend too much. I do not think this has to do with my collarbone issue. I do have a better video of my bump but could not upload it.

There is no certainty about this. Perhaps you strained the SC joint but that seems unlikely. Another possibility is a condition called Tietze's syndrome which targets the joints around the sternum, but it is more usually a soft lump. That would account for the tingling in your arm, however; it frequently affects the brachial plexus. You can see more at the link below.

Did mean the left collarbone?

If it is Tietze's syndrome, which often affects the joints between the ribs and the breastbone too, then the mid-back pain may well be connected.

Follow the usual route. Rest up for a week or two, ice the joints, start slowly and lightly back into your routine, and if it does not settle within say another two weeks then you would be wise to get a professional opinion.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

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