hairline fracture of coccyx and sacrum

by Mary Rigsby
(Dayton, Ohio, USA)

> > Hairline fracture of coccyx and sacrum

Had hard fall on coccyx 3 weeks ago. Still very painful.
What can I do to help this heal properly and lessen the pain?

Get a doughnut cushion. The coccyx isn't a trainsmash, but a crack in the sacrum must be taken seriously. Wear a corset and stay home, and don't sit too much. The doctor will advise you.

An internal mobilisation of the coccyx in about a month will help.

Remember your back may also have been injured at the same time, also the sacroiliac joint. See a chiropractor in about two months after the injury.

Use ice for pain.

It hurts. Don't feel all alone, this is a very painful condition.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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