Groin and thigh pain.

by Karyn
(Boardman ohio)

Had an MRI of my thigh and of my low back; had acupuncture and blood work seen three chiropractors seeing a orthopedic surgeon seen my medical doctor get deep tissue massage is twice a week and I also tried Endermologie for circulation and I have been in physical therapy for three weeks And nobody can figure it out. I lay in bed at night with thigh pain and spasms pain I have thigh pain almost all day a lot of times I have groin pain and I limp when I walk. They ruled out nerve pain they ruled out cancer they ruled out I hip problem they said it's just plain mechanical no pain pills help me no anti-inflammatories barely touch. A year ago I could take two ibuprofen and not have pain now nothing works

Help I don't know what my next step is I'm a 56-year-old female very active in good shape not overweight very happy living life until now that I can't even work anymore

These are legitimate concerns, Karyn, but I'm sorry I just don't have the time to correct your smartphone grammar. Write on your computer and I'll be happy to respond.

Dr B

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