Groin and thigh pain

by R

Have had Grion and thigh pain for 6 month's and just recently developed lower back pain. no pain wehen siting.

Hello Ralph,
First with groin pain, can you pull your hip to your chest, and rotate your hip, and pull it to the opposite shoulder? An impingement like FAIS or OA are common causes of groin and thigh pain. Especially as the pain started there. Altered gait may have been the cause of the LBP, rather than vice versa.

Then, a Femoral nerve stretch test needs to be done. It's not something you can do yourself, like the Sciatic stretch can. This is to test if the pain in the groin and thigh is from a pinched Femoral nerve. Does that knee give?

Use a pin to prick first your other leg, and then compare the naughty leg. Is there a difference?

If you bend forwards, backwards, sideways, does it hurt in the groin or leg?

Time for a good chiropractic exam. In fact, way over due! Six months of groin and thigh pain is far too long.

Start the exercises at our Lower Lumbar exercises page.

Let me know.

Dr B

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