Full Dentures and TMJ Treatment

by Nancy
(Austin, TX)

I've been wearing full dentures for about 15 years (with relines and new sets) but the last two years have found both new sets of dentures intolerable to wear for even a brief few minutes.

I have many symptoms of TMJ and burning mouth syndrome, suffering chronically 24/7.
Question is, do I get tmj treatment PRIOR to being fitted for a new set of *hypollergenic*, hopefully lighterwight, thinner dentures.

Or do I get the dentures first. My last two dentures supposedly fit fine, but I've become hypersensitive- and quality of life is severely impaired at this point.

Thank you for any treatment advice.

Hello Nancy,
Making dentures is like fabricating orthotics; it's an art and it sounds like your latest orthodontist is no artist.

It's hard to be sure whether it's the dentist, or the person who made dentures. Either could be at fault.

My best advice is to go to a totally new practice that used a different technician to make the dentist. Unless you have a lot of confidence in the current place where you are.

I'm not too sure how to answer your question; it's an interesting one and has got me thinking. If one TMJ is fixated and not moving in harmony with the other, would it affect the mould? Yes, maybe, so perhaps it would be best to have the TMJ treatment prior to having your dentures made.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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Mar 01, 2017
by: Dawn

Did physio really help you? My jaw is always hanging open and can't seem to close it comfortably; I've been thinking about physio but not sure if it's a waste of my time.

Hello Dawn,
Find someone, physical therapist or chiropractor, who works regularly with the jaw joint.

Dr B

Apr 27, 2016
tmj treatment or new denture first?
by: Nanc

Thank you for the response. It seems I have developed chronic, 2+ yrs, dysesthesia with hyper tongue and jaw movements. Received physical therapy for "tmj" recently which helped allow my jaw to close vertically rather than a "C" shape.

I'll be fitted for another low end denture this week. It's all I can afford right now.

My fear is I am now a 'crazy patient' who will never again be able to tolerate all that hard plastic in my mouth.
....a whole 'nother issue I suppose.

Thanks so much for your thoughts and input.

Hello Nanc,
It does give one cause to stop and consider before making huge irreversible steps in life; what would you give to have those lousy teeth back?

No, not a crazy patient at all, but just another once bitten twice shy when it comes to the excesses of health care; sometimes the devil you do know is better than the one you don't.

Our TMJ exercises might help, I don't know.

Dr B

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