Frozen shoulders and other pains

by Esther
(South Africa)


» Frozen shoulders and other pains

Hello Dr.B
had a fs 2012-2014 1st right then the left, this with severe pain in left arm/hand. I did physio (tried chiro once) and tried to remain active as much as possible. It was hell and I still have physical issues to deal with.

(late 2011)3-5 months before fs I started to experience sensations of spider web on my face? (also last menstrual circles) during this time I also had 2 dental implants done (right lower jaw)and just started jogging on the treadmill feeeeling sooo goood although it always felt as if my body was bending backwards (like a banana, I could feel something pulling from feet through back).

In 2012 it felt as if my whole upper torso/rib cage expanded, I had to replace all bras and most upper clothes one size up!(no one can explain this)(it has gone down 50%)my neck felt as if it dislocated with certain movements and made me stop in my tracks (that was scary!); my left hip (buttock-left groin) also for many years hurt.(sitting then getting up hurts since..2004)

Then beginning of this year, with the shoulders getting better I suddenly had to deal with the most extreme painful feet, kept me awake, no answers from Dr's, then I tried reflexology and it actually helped but I still have pain to a degree (of note; using on occasions, cannabis oil, helps with sleep/pain relieve).

My tongue as well, since about 2011/2 seems to be stressed, I notice of late that I actually press(not intentionally) my tongue upward?
currently it is my feet, left hip/lower back/tender pain at bra strap area/sit and get up issues/have to be careful with neck.

Also having left ear pain (sudden/sharp) lately feels as if running right through my head to right ear -- may I ask your opinion and suggestion from hereon, on this please and thank you for your time.

Hello Esther,
These pains may all be related, but most likely are largely independent conditions.

When you have so much pain in diverse parts of the body, my first thought is how high is your omega 6 to omega 3 ration? It should be around 2-5 maximum. If you are having too much omega 6 fats in your diet, like sunflower oil, and too little omega 3, as in fatty fish and freshly ground flax seed then it sets up an inflammatory process in the whole body, affecting muscles and joints, but also blood vessels and the bowel. If this is so, consider changing to olive oil and butter, Lucky Star pilchards and flax seed. And salmon if you have the money!

Lying on your back, pull first the right knee to the chest and then the left. Does it hurt in the groin?

Press on the junction of the ribs and the sternum. Is it particularly tender?

Feel just in front of your ears, open and close the mouth. Does the jaw joint click and is it particularly tender?

So many diverse pains; it will take a clinician with a lot of patience to examine each in turn, and find a solution. Think about eating more healthily, keeping active for your part.

I hope this contributes in some small way.

Dr B

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