Frozen shoulder?

by Clare

Hi there, I suffered a bad injury late sept 2013. I was hospitalised for two weeks due to post concussion syndrome and an onset of hemiplegic migraine due the injury.

I am still suffering with PCS, my neurologist suggests I may be suffering up to another 12 months. I have been prescribed low dose anti-depressants to control the headaches and aura (onset of weakness right arm, leg, sometimes both, weakness to my face, stammering, plus after effects, difficulty walking correctly for, say, 2/3 weeks after a bad episode.

In addition (if that's not enough!!) for approx 2 months I have constant odd feeling, tingling, occasional weakness in my R arm, leg and face, in conjunction with what I think is a frozen shoulder. The worst pain in the world on lifting my arm; I have virtually no range of movement left. The physio is at a loss for the moment awaiting an MRI to come back on my neck looking for trapped nerve. My arm has got worse over the last two weeks. I can't even put my hand on my hip, I can't raise it higher than my waist, and my neck feels so stiff.

I'm obviously looking forward to my MRI coming back. But I feel wiped out. And probably need a bloody good cry lol :

Hello Clare,
A blood cry wouldn't do any harm. You're hurting, and lets admit it.

The rule is: if there was enough force in the blow to your head to give you these serious concussion symptoms, then assume you've had a neck injury simultaneously.

Particularly in light of the stiff neck and pain in the arm.

A few questions.

Lie on your back and lift your arm, using the other to help if necessary. Is moving your arm just as painful and stiff when you're not fighting gravity.

Standing, arm hanging at your side, rotate the lower arm inwards, and move your arm backwards and behind your back. What happens?

Turn your head, first right, then left, and simultaneously look up. What happens?

Can you lie on your back with arm out at 90 degrees on a bed? If you can, use the search function at chiropractic help to find the upper limb tension test. What's the difference right and left?

Ask if anyone has done Adson's test on you. Checking your radial pulse whilst you turn your head, look up and breathe in. Not an easy test to do.

Keeping to this thread and let me have your answers.

Dr B

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