Frozen shoulder with achiness

by Felicia

Frozen shoulder with achiness will always be a challenge.

In short, I fell, injured my shoulder and was in a sling for about 7 weeks while waiting on a diagnosis. It was determined that I have frozen shoulder but I am also having stabbing pain in my upper arm when I type, use a mouse, type on my touch screen or even press buttons on the remote.

This is accompanied by a deep achy pain and weakness in my elbow and forearm. Is this typical of frozen shoulder?

Hello Felicia,
Yes, they are, but the history is a little unusual; perhaps being in the sling was the cause, not the best if nothing broken or ruptured; the shoulder then becomes very tight.

There are just so many potential causes of this that I find it difficult to comment; if it's really just frozen shoulder, confirmed by your doctor, then I'd take that sling off immediately and start our frozen shoulder exercises. Gently and carefull and they shouldn't be painful but you will feel it.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Frozen shoulder with achiness

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