frozen shoulder is a real pain

can you do this and does it relieve the pain?

can you do this and does it relieve the pain?

» Frozen shoulder is a real pain

It all started when I hit a cockroach with my sandal. And it was so painful, and after that, I could not move my arm up or to my back. I can't sleep properly, because of my arm.

I had seven massages, and it felt really good except that I can't lift it like the other arm; unfortunately, I knocked myself against the door and the pain has all come back and this time it is worse. Ice was good then, and now I am using the hot water bottle, which makes me sleep a little bit better.

Hello, the real problem here is that we don't have a diagnosis. From the sounds of things, this isn't a frozen shoulder, but probably a torn rotator cuff muscle, but I'm guessing.

You aren't able to examine yourself so, on the basis of what you think, or the masseuse thinks, you've made the diagnosis. That's not good enough, and probably the underlying reason why you're not getting better. A massage is not the treatment of choice for either a frozen shoulder or a torn rotator cuff muscle.

It's time to have your should professionally assessed.

Dr B

» Frozen shoulder is a real pain

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