Frozen shoulder and possible tear in the shoulder tendon

by Jody

Hi there
I have the beginning stages of FS. I had a car accident in July 2015. My pain has got worse suddenly. I am wanting to know if I should excercise the arm as I may have a tear in my shoulder. An mri confirmed the tear however i will be going for more scans.

The steroid injection is an option. Do you think chiropractic care and physiotherapy will help?

Hello Jody,
If you do no exercises your shoulder will turn to concrete; this is often a progressive condition that can be a real bugger.

If you exercise too hard, then you'll make it more sore; between the Devil and proverbial deep blue sea!

Personally I love treating frozen shoulder but each case is a challenge; usually within a month the pain is at least a half better, but not always. The range of motion may take a year to return to normal, and you may be left with some slight restriction, but if it's not painful you will hardly notice it.

The lower neck is often involved, and the AC joint; this is where chiropractic has the edge. Don't expect a one click fix; it won't happen.

Dr B

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