Frozen shoulder and back neck pain is so discouraging

by Edelwina

It's almost 3 months now that I have frozen shoulder that is getting worse; I went to an acupuncturist but after he put the needles for less than 10 minutes, the pain was unbearably painful on my fs down to my finger tips. He also put some needles on my feet and saying that if it does not get better in 2 days then he can not help me anymore.

Though I already went to see physiotherapy one time which he just gave me what exercises to do and my second visit was only doing an assessment of how much my shoulder is being lifted up by centimeter higher, so I am not going to see him yet because as I said, i won't go back just to be measured instead to be cured. 3 weeks already that I am having a pain on the back of my neck, the pain is going down on the middle of my back. It is really a pain in the b--. cannot do my activity or can not even dance, unable to put my hair in a ponytail, can not reach my back, can not comb my hair properly, really annoying kind of immobilisation. Can not even sleep with my hand up above my head.

Please tell me if there are foods to avoid or what are the foods to eat to hasten the recovery or to heal. I would appreciate if you can email me the answer and the cure.
Thanks a lot in advance.

Hello Edelwina,
Alas you found your way to a very inexperienced acupuncturist, and it sounds like PT also; this is not something that is going to be cured in two visits.

There are likely one of two causes, or both. Either there is a subluxation in your neck, or often the first rib that is irritating either a nerve root or the brachial plexus; they supply the capsule of the shoulder and the muscles.

Or you may have had an injury to the shoulder itself, perhaps a rotator cuff strain.

Unfortunately there is no strong research indicating that ANYTHING helps; however my own experience with many frozen shoulders is that the right chiropractic treatment this doesn't need to take the standard 1-4 years to pass over.

At Chiropractic Help, using the search engine you'll find some frozen shoulder exercises. Start doing them daily, gently, don't force it.

Now start looking for an experienced chiropractor who does more than just adjust your neck. The AC joint and the subscapularis muscle are often key to the problem, over and above the adjustments of the spine.

Normally you can expect to get considerable relief with chiropractic care within a month, though the full range of motion may take a year or more to return; you can live with that if it's not so painful, often disturbing your sleep.

Do those exercises faithfully every day. Several times a day.

Good luck, I hope this contributes. Let me know in a month or so how you are getting on.

Dr B

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