Frozen in FL.

(Sunrise Fl USA )

I woke up with a stiff shoulder; it progressed over a couple days, and it started to be painful to move when laying down, and I couldn't move my arm behind me or to the side or up. I started to force it to move, with the other arm, and then I got a doctor's appointment and found out it was a frozen shoulder.

The only real car accidents I had with no injuries were in 1985.

Hello Sunrise,
Don't assume those car accidents are without significance; it's rare they don't leave their mark, causing silent fixations in the spine that then become arthritic. It your neck stiff also?

It's vital you start exercising that shoulder; otherwise it will turn to concrete become extremely painful. You'll find some frozen shoulder exercises at Chiropractic Help. Use the search function.

But at the root of it is often a problem in the lower neck, first rib or AC joint. Obviously I'm biased, but my recommendation is you start hunting for a competent and experienced chiropractor in your neck of the woods.

Dr B

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