Fractured ankle three times

by Jessica
(Kingston, Ohio, United States )

Well to start off I have broken my right ankle 3 times and sense then I have a lot of pain and swelling. The last time I broke it I have noticed the the right side of my ankle is huge compared to left and well just enormous.

And that the tendon on that side sticks out and looks huge. I also can't bend my foot or toes that much either and there's times my foot goes numb. Most cases it's really cold; what can be causing this and can it be fixed?

Hello Jessica,
I'm afraid this is too difficult answer, not being able to examine you and see your scans.

Whilst a chiropractor who works with ankles and feet could probably help you, my inclination is to say you should first be addressing these questions to an orthopaedic surgeon.

Dr B

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