Foot problems for 10 years

by Marjorie
(Corpus christi, Tx, USA)

I've had a foot problem for 10 years; had my foot in a cast for 6 weeks; when going back to the doctor they did everything; they said there was not probably with the bone but doing a CT scan they found that the ligaments were destroyed couldn't afford the surgery; 10 later still having pain and now I can't keep my foot straight goes to the right and my right leg is a bit shorter then my left so it hurts to walk for long periods at a time; went to a different doctor 10 years later said that it is worse then 10 years ago; waiting this long bad to get something done on my foot now that I can pay for it.

Hello Marjorie,
Thank you for sharing your tale of woe with us; perhaps think of consulting a chiropractor who works with feet before going for surgery.

Allowing any condition to become chronic always makes it more difficult.

Dr B

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