Foot drop - stiff ankle

by Essie
(Oneonta,NY USA)

I had a tumor pressing on my brain & surgery to remove it. The result of this surgery found me paralyzed on my right speech & arm/hand have recovered and are now 100% functional. My leg however did not recover. I cannot walk without assistance....even after physical knee is kind of recessed = my ankle does not bend - my foot drops - my toes won't wiggle but clamp down when I stand or walk & my big toe likes to stick straight up at times!!

Hello Essie,
I'm afraid I think it unlikely chiropractic can help you. These are known as long tract signs; the problem isn't in your spine but at one of the higher centres in the brain.

It's possible seeing that your arm and speech have recovered, that the weakness in your leg may eventually return. Certainly I'd stick with the PT, and in particularly doing as much as you can of the routine at home every single day.

I'm sorry not to be able to answer you more encouragingly. Thank you for writing.

Dr B

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