Flew down 6 stairs onto brick floor.

by Sasha Neiman
(Lisbon, Portugal )

I flew down 6 wooden stairs onto brick floor on my butt. I am 74 years old. Miraculously, nothing fractured! This happened 1 month ago.

My sacrum is swollen with a large edema, still after a month! I was walking, resting, icing, taking Adville And recovering!!

Then 2 days ago, an excruciating pain developed down a muscle on the front of my right leg, the outer side and a deep pain on top of the right side of the sacrum, as a surprise! I cannot walk without this unbelievable pain and holding on to things as I limp to do anything. The brunt of the fall landed on my left side! Why would this happen after a month of healing and so suddenly? Thank you so much for any insight to this new development. Sasha.

Hello Sasha,
You are a well travelled lady going by your email! Having lived in Europe myself, I know just how dangerous their staircases are. At any age, but particularly at 74 you must either use a parachute, or the handrail!

You say nothing fractured, so I presume you've had an x-ray. The sacrum and coccyx are notoriously difficult to get clear pictures of.

The pain running down the front of your leg, I presume the thigh is of concern. It's probably not related to the sacrum but from your spine, coming from the femoral nerve. Everything has been weakened by the fall, and the limping.

It's time for a careful and thorough examination of your spine and pelvis; is this pain all from the sacro-iliac joint, the hip or your spine, or even a bit of all three.

Watch out for your knee giving on the stairs or you'll be in for another fall.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr Barrie Lewis

> > Flew down 6 stairs onto brick floor

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