Flat foot

by Stephanie

I'm wondering if the multiple sprained ankles I had involving the same foot may have caused my arch to fall? I've experienced an increasing amount if pain in my left foot through my life, the same foot that I sprained multiple times and rolled a few times as well.

It's not just the pain but the weight I've gained because of the pain/immobility. Shoe inserts, ace bandages, or a combination of the two have not helped.

Hello Stephanie,
It's a good question whether the multiple sprained ankles caused the flat feet, or vice versa. I'm unsure, and suspect it goes both ways.

When one sprains an ankle apart from torn ligaments and tendons, very frequently one of the small bones is also subluxated; the ankle mortise, subtalar and cuboid joints are most frequently involved.

Presumably it often will correct itself, but sometimes not, and the result in chronic pain in the ankle and sometimes foot. This is probably what has happened to you.

Caught early it usually is easily corrected, but when it's allowed to become chronic there may develop erosions of the cartilage, and I cannot guarantee it can be cured. You may have to go for an occasional but regular correction.

Find a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; post graduate sport chiropractic. Contact your local association.

I don't know the specifics obviously, but usually you can get considerable relief, if not a cure. The downside is that left uncorrected it will become arthritic and increasingly difficult. An x-ray would be useful now.

Our alphabet ankle exercises will help too.

I hope this contributes. By the way, difficult though it is as you can't easily exercise, obesity will only increase your misery. Swimming and cycling are the best options.

Dr B

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