flappy foot

After a weber a fracture to left fibula, healed well and only mild discomfort; walking without aids but my foot flaps down and after walking at a normal pace for about 20 mins.

I get pain across the top of my foot about half way towards my toes and down and towards the outside to my big toe.

We are talking about two different problems, most likely.

The first is potentially quite serious; the fibular nerve divides into two branches, one superficial and the other deep. They supply different muscles in the lower leg, controlling the movements of the ankle, and also the skin of the top of the foot.

In all likelihood one of these nerves has been injured. You'd better talk to your orthopedist about where healing is likely, and whether any further can be, should be done.

Go to Wikipedia, type in deep fibular nerve, and then images. You'll see how it's located very close to the fibula.

You probably simultaneously had an injury in the foot, or it could be pain from the damaged nerve.

Dr B

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