Femoral or sciatic?

by Pattie
(Port Saint Lucie, Fl, USA)

I am pretty sure I have Piriformis syndrome but the intense pain is in the front of the leg, not the back, and goes to my big toe and the bottom of the foot as well. My leg feels heavy and numb and pins and needles. It feels like a wooden leg.

The muscle in my butt will not relax no matter what I do. My hip hurts a lot as well.

I have 2 herniated disks L4 and 5 but I had no injuries of any kind. Been in so much pain for almost 4 mos now. I have been going to a Chiro without much pain relief. I am so depressed.

Hello Pattie,

Yes, I understand your despondency. First a few questions and then some recommendations.

Have you had an MRI? If not, I think it's time; they're expensive.

On no painkillers do the following?

Bend slowly forwards, backwards, and to the side; carefully, this can aggravate your condition. Tell me exactly what you feel and where with each movement, and which is worse.

Sitting, bear down like you are trying to have a bowel movement. Pain? How are coughing, sneezing?

Sitting in a kitchen chair, have someone raise first the good leg parallel to the ground, lower and then the other; tell me exactly what you feel.

Using the search function at Chiropractic Help type in leg pain muscle testing. Go to the Youtube page. What do you find?

Are you doing any disciplined, EVERY morning before getting out of bed back exercises? If not see our lower back exercises page; don't pull hard with both knees.

You must take this seriously now; you must be on the verge of surgery.

1. Sit much, much less.
2. Don't bend. Go down on one knee to pick up a toothbrush on the floor.
3. Go for several, short daily walks.
4. If you are working, take sick leave.
5. Wear a corset in the car and if standing for long.
6. Think about seeing a different chiropractor; a different technique might be more effective in your case.

Good luck, let me know.

Dr B

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Jan 16, 2015
Thank you
by: Pattie

I should have said that my Chiro is an excellent one. When I had first went to her I could not stand up straight and had a bad limp. She could barely touch me as I was in so much pain. Within a month she got me standing and i wasn't so sensitive to the touch; so she did help me. She has tried several diff approaches to help me. She even sent me to a pain management doc.

I did have an MRI on 1/13/15 and have to go back to the doc to discuss the results on 1/20/15. For 3 and a half mos now i have tried all the stretches, used a heating pad and sit on ice and take Advils. So what I am saying is with all I have done, it just won't go away.

And the answers to my questions? Enclose a copy of the MRI report please.

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