femoral nerve

by anne

I fell 3 days ago off a step. I fell backwards and twisted to the right side. I have no visible bruising but tenderness on my right outer thigh. I am experiencing excruciating knife like stabbing spasms of my upper right thigh. I cannot walk without spasm occurring, get up from sitting position. I have been ding Rice protocol. Any advise on what to do, diagnosis and duration.

Hello Anne,
Get an xray; often there's a lurking hairline fracture through the femur. This is a good time because by now fluid will have seeped into the crack, and it will be visible; if it's there.

If the pain is severe it is in any case a good idea to get a professional opinion; something alas has happened. Go on with your rice; whole grain! Sorry, cheap shot when you're in so much misery. This too will pass.

Dr B

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