femoral nerve

by jeanne
(austin tx)

low back and pain into both side front thighs


You can't expect me to give a sensible answer, Jeanne, with so little information. For example, are you 18 or 85? Have you had an injury? When did the pain begin? Is it painful in the groin? Do have pain at night, does it effect your walking? Have X-rays been taken, what does your doctor say, what other treatment have you had?

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Jul 18, 2012
Femoral/ Groin/thigh pain
by: Anonymous

I'm 72 and have the same problem when walking for the last 6 month's also fior the last week I have been having lower back pain,therapy help a little, my doctor says i may have get steroid injection in lower back toremedy this issue.

The important thing is to determine: is this an upper leg pain problem (like arthritis in the hip), or is this a radiation from the spine to the legs?

Because the treatment is vastly difference. Only a careful and thorough examination...

Dr B

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