Femoral nerve possibility as cause of scrotal pain

by Gerry
(Peterborough, Canada)

pain or pinching over right side above genitals

weakness extending out to hip
some weakness down the thigh
tenderness up from genitals to hip...slight swelling
have had hernia surgery (no mesh)at Shouldice Clinic on right side and was re-checked recently. All good there.
Had ultra sound on scrotum...all ok there
The nerve pain on scrotum is the absolute worst

Hello Gerry,
The innervation of the scrotum, emerging from several different levels is complex; in part midlumbar which, yes, is part of the femoral nerve, and part sacral.

You make no mention of back pain; if you bend forwards, backwards and to the side do you get no back or groin area pain?

The hip itself also needs to be considered; if you pull your knee to the chest is it inordinately stiff and sore in the groin or side of the hip area?

If you palpate the epididymis, a firm tube on the back and distal point of the testicle, is it tender? An inflammation or infection occurs causing testicular pain; more likely if you've had a vasectomy.

Lying on your tum, ask the good wife to press quite firmly on either side of the lumbar spine; if there's distinct tenderness in the mid to upper lumbar area, then I'd start with an x-ray of your lumbar spine, but also the pelvis to check the sacrum and hip.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

» Femoral nerve possibility as cause of scrotal pain

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