Femoral Nerve pain after serious trauma

I had traumatic fractures to T5 T7 T12. I have experienced throughout my recovery (5months) a painful shooting pain across upper right leg and into groin area. This only happens after going from a seated to standing position and causes my right leg to completely give out for 8-10 steps before recovering.

Not sure if there is relevance but also still have extremely stiff and sore muscles through out my back neck & legs. I have great difficulty to reach toes to put on socks and I can't keep my legs straight and sit up at a 90° angle. Any advice on what it could be would be greatly appreciated.

Anything trauma bad enough to do that, would almost certainly have put the back under severe strain too.

The question is whether the femoral nerve stretch test is positive.

Take a pin and prick your leg; is there a difference in the sensitivity? Has the quadriceps knee reflex been affected?

A life time of gentle spinal exercises, accepting that heavy lifting will never be on the cards and some form of regular treatment is on the cards.

It's a tough one. Car accident?

Dr B

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